Tucker's Monster S.S. Wilson

Tucker's Monster
A novel by author S.S. Wilson

It is 1903 when young zoologist Gerard Whitney is hired by eccentric Oklahoma cattle rancher Harold B. Tucker. Expecting only to study wildlife on the vast ranch, he soon discovers that his employer’s true passion is traveling the world in search of legendary creatures. And the thing Tucker wants most? To find a living dinosaur! As they embark on one dangerous adventure after another, Whitney finds himself learning about werewolves, mummies, ghosts; and even meets a mad scientist. Through it all, he is sure Tucker will never find a dinosaur. But what they eventually discover exceeds both men’s wildest dreams -- and nightmares.

Author S.S. Wilson is veteran of 25 years as a screenwriter and film director with a talent for turning the familiar into the unexpected. Short Circuit side-stepped movie robot clichés to give us the unforgettable Johnny Five. Tremors was both an action film and a send-up of 1950s monster movies. In his first novel, Wilson takes us on a whirlwind adventure that, along the way, pokes fun at classic Hollywood horror films.
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Author S.S. Wilson



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John Goodwin
Joining Tucker and company in their search for a REAL monster is as much fun as going to the Center of the Earth with Prof. Lidenbrook or to the Lost World with Prof. Challenger ... a delight!" John Goodwin, Emmy Award Winner, CSI.

Ron Underwood
TUCKER’S MONSTER delivers all the fun and adventure for the reader that S.S. Wilson always brings to the movies he creates. Through meticulous research and a wealth of scientific information, Wilson creates a most credible narrative about the search for previously undiscovered life forms. We see the world through the eyes of Gerald Whitney, a recent college graduate in the field of zoology who gets a job as chief zoologist for an eccentric and wealthy rancher, Harold Tucker. Together, along with Tucker’s wife, Jenny, they travel the world looking for creatures and legendary monsters.

The book is a journal by Whitney, and his voice is very authentic for a young man of science in the early 1900’s. Through amazing detail and accuracy, the reader is transported back to the beginning of the twentieth century. We meet characters of a different time with names like Adford Diphonia and Luddy Sedlak.

Whitney’s naïve optimism is charming as he is thrown into the world of an employer who is used to getting what he wants in life and never accepts “no” for an answer about anything. On their travels, they meet many colorful characters, who sometime become obstacles in their exploration. Tucker has a direct way of dealing with confrontation that is disturbing and frightening for Whitney, but Tucker’s methods are usually most effective.

Tucker believes that so much of the earth’s surface has not been explored, that it is possible to find a living dinosaur somewhere in the world. His ardent determination in finding a dinosaur is so intense that his enthusiasm is contagious for the reader.
While Tucker is accustomed to traveling in style, the group is often in treacherous lands that make the voyages arduous. They come across a wide variety of unusual vehicles as they trudge their way through snow, through marshes, and through jungles. They always travel fully armed, and Tucker is quite adept at using his firearms and explosives when needed.
As one would expect from a book by S.S. Wilson, there are plenty of twists and turns and surprises to entertain all through Whitney’s journey. We grow to love our traveling trio and look forward to each new adventure they encounter. It is an exciting adventure, but also an emotional one. We go on an emotional roller coaster with our characters as they achieve hard-won victories and suffer personal losses. You won’t be disappointed when you pick up a copy of TUCKER’S MONSTER. Ron Underwood, Director.